About Us

Wakatipu House was built in 1987 by people who know log cabins - because they've lived in one.

Originally a private residence, Wakatipu House once belonged to New Yorkers who first came to Queenstown to witness the coming of Halley's Comet in 1986. Falling in love with this uniquely beautiful land and its people, they decided to build a more permanent presence, and with the joint construction effort by local Ken Cochrane, and Mike and Nancy Roullier of Copper Center, Alaska, who relocated to Queenstown for 6 months for the entirety of the project, Wakatipu House was born.

This is why Wakatipu House feels like a home instead of just another rented accommodation for tourists - and our past lodgers certainly agree!

The Wakatipu House was the perfect house for our family trip to Queenstown... Mom and Dad, two teenagers and a 7 year old! The house is located only 5 miles outside the heart of Queentown, in an exclusive residential area in a beautiful, serene hillside. The house has an incredible view of the Lake Wakatipu (the longest lake in New Zealand!) and the wondrous mountain ranges behind it. One of our favorite activities was to hike for miles in the valleys and lakes near the house. And the house itself was large and accommodating for our family of 5. We all slept in the bedrooms on the first (ground) floor of the house, and we utilized the upstairs -- living room, den, kitchen and dining room -- in the evening to barbeque on the large backyard porch, watch satellite TV or movies with the dvd player, or to go online with our laptops. The kitchen and dining room are quite spacious and have all the amenities needed when cooking at home. The best testament that I can give to anyone is that we would definitely go back to the Wakatipu House if we should ever get the chance to return to Queenstown.

Gary H. Chetkof President WDST/RadioWoodstock